Turning Pointe follows American Ballet Theater curriculum that has 9 levels.

Pre-Primary (A,B,C), Primary (A,B,C), Levels 1-5(A,B), Levels 6-7

Every level but 6-7 has two sections, A and B. The progress each group makes per year is determined by the ability, amount of weekly classes, and attendance of the group. As levels go higher they get more complex and require more time to learn. Levels 6 and 7 are professional levels on the international level, which each require two full years to accomplish (given that a dancer has learned the vocabulary and can perform material from previous levels).

We provide our students with an opportunity to participate in American Ballet Theater Exams. Participation is optional but it is recommended. During the process of preparation for exams, both the student and the teacher are motivated to work as hard as possible and cover as much vocabulary as possible, which help us get the best results available for each individual in their ballet technique.

Promotions for the next season in.

Season 2015-2016                         Season 2016-2017

Level 6 Level 6B

Level 5 Level 5B

Level 4 Level 4B

Level 3 Level 4A

Level 2 Level 3A

Level 1 Level 2A

Primary B Level 1A